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Naseeb aazmane ke din aa rahe hain,
Qareeb unke aane ke din aa rahe hain,

Jo dil se kaha hai Jo dil se suna hai,
Sub unko sunane ke din aa rahe hain

Faiz Ahmad Faiz (via raanimehlandi)

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This dunya wont ever let you choose Islam, I’ve realized. To follow Islam the right way, the way of the prophets, you have to distance yourself from the temptations. You have to accept that very few will understand and even less will like you. You have to be ok with standing out. Hold tight onto whatever faith you have, and continue to live for the eternal life of the Akhira.

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Does anyone else ever feel like they’ve stopped liking the people around them for no particularly good reason? They’re still nice people, you still get along with them. They’re still valuable people…but they’ve diminished in value to the enrichment of your life? Do I just sound like an asshole? Probably.

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